6 Tips For Scoring High On IELTS Reading Section

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So, you’re all set for IELTS exam and you have a score in your mind that you want to hit. Great choice. Chances are you want to get 7 band or even more. But you have to do well to hit that score. A lot of people find the reading section extremely hard. Well, you can get a good score if you are smart. In this post, Kunal Bansal Chandigarh shares 5 tips that will help you score high on IELTS reading section. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into those tips:

Don’t Expect To Understand Every Word

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Many of the students have been told to look up for every word in the dictionary. And rightly so because a wide vocabulary is the key to achieving a high score. But if you can’t understand the word, do not worry about it. It’s the last thing you should do. What you can do is try to understand the sentence as a whole. This might help you understand the meaning of the word. Even the native speakers do not understand every single word. Words and sentences around the word will give you a clue. And if you still don’t get the meaning, it’s time to move on. All in all this tip will help you a great deal especially if you’re looking to get a good score in IELTS.

Focus On Your Reading Skills In General

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It is important that you concentrate on IELTS reading skills, tips and familiarize yourself will all the IELTS related questions. That will help you achieve a better score. But you should focus on your reading skills in general. People who just focus solely on IELTS reading miss out a great opportunity to improve their overall reading skills. Besides, IELTS reading texts can be quite boring and you will lose interest gradually. Kunal Bansal Chandigarh says that the best thing you can do is read newspapers, blogs, magazines etc. They will improve your vocabulary and your score will be better overall.

Read The Instructions Carefully

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Many candidates lose easy marks because they fail to read the instructions carefully. Questions are very specific especially in reading and listening sections. If you do not follow the instructions correctly, you will lose easy marks. For instance, you are asked to answer in two words and the answer is “blue, green”. But if you write “blue and green”, you will lose a mark because it’s three words. Therefore, it is advised that you read the instructions carefully. This will help you achieve your dream score.

Take It Easy

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There will be a lot of questions which will be very easy and there would be ones which are extremely hard to answer. The key is to stay calm and don’t panic. Even the IELTS teachers don’t know answers to tough questions. Do not waste a lot of time on questions which are hard, says Kunal Bansal Chandigarh. If the answer doesn’t present itself, it’s time you move to the next. You can answer them later if you have time. Just accept the fact that you cannot answer all the questions correctly. This will help you control your nerves and get you to a better score.

Do Not Make Assumptions

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During IELTS exam, you are being tested on your understanding on the text. Your personal knowledge should not affect the answers. According to Kunal Bansal Chandigarh, a lot of people make the mistake of using their knowledge to answer the questions and this results in a bad score. For example, you have a degree in Computer Science and the reading is on the same subject. So, you should carefully read the text to answer the question instead of answering the questions based on your knowledge.

Leave No Blanks

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It’s a pretty obvious tip and is a cliche. But a lot of candidates leave blanks and just do not answer the questions which they do not know. Make sure you answer all the questions even if you do not know the answer to it. Who knows you might get lucky and get points for it. This is a very useful and will come in handy if you want to achieve a good IELTS score.

Hope you find these tips useful. If you follow these tips, you will do better in your IELTS exam. Make sure you share this post if you found these tips helpful.  

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